MTR FUSION BCN (SANTA SUSANNA) 02/09/22 - 17:30 pm What's in this MTR FUSIÓN BCN (SANTA SUSANNA)? MTR FUSIÓN returns to Barcelona, this time in the spectacular coastal area, Santa Susanna. The whole event will take place at the Don Angel Hotel. Where there is the possibility to stay and enjoy its comfort during the whole weekend. There is no better way to enjoy this event than being able to share with the participants before, during and especially after the event. International event that will have as a start a pregala also international, with the best amateur level of our country. From beginners to pre-professionals. 3 hours of approximately 2 hours and a half of pre-gala. Starting at 16:30. There will be a break between the pre-Gala and the international gala enlivened by our guest DJ and the majestic bar service of the hotel Don Angel. In the international gala we will have wrestlers from Colombia, France, Morocco and of course national wrestlers from different provinces; Madrid, Galicia, Barcelona... Jose Maria Quevedo, current champion of Spain, current champion of the international promoter MT GP, current number one and top 5 in Europe in his category will have to assert, in his homeland, his curriculum with the all dangerous ..... (soon to be revealed). Ignasi Larios, one of the most itinerant national athletes, with two visits to the country of origin of our sport, the NBA of Muay Thai, having faced the best in the world in his category, as Youssef Boughanem. Ignasi is several times champion of Spain, and with his impeccable curriculum will face André Morales, WKN champion, and representative of the most prestigious school in Catalonia and one of the most important in the country, Daithon Gym. Claudia Perona, the young promise based in Piera. Technical style and maximum passion for the sport she practices, are visible in every moment she spends in the ring. She will have an experienced rival in front of her, Ann Lihn Nguyen, from Team Alamos of France, one of the most important schools in our continent. Finally, there will be a national crossover between two lanky and tough opponents. Two fighters who put the intensity of the fight at the highest level for the entire time of the fight. Guillermo Tabera from the emerging Team Ahmidouch school, always looking for the maximum penalty on his opponents, will face Pelayo Ventoso from the Iago Barrios Fight Club of Coruña. Iago NEVER says no to a challenge and NEVER stops trying to get to submit his opponents. Don't let the opportunity pass you by!
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